End to end tailored blockchain solutions

Tailored to your needs

Every organization has different needs. Differentiated through organizational culture, business models, product and services, we work closely with organizations to make sure that we can provide a solution that is seamless in its application and made for their use. By ensuring that our solutions are tailored to the needs of organizations, we also ensure that these technologies are tailored help its end users.

End to end solutions

As we tailor our solutions, for organizations, we go through the whole process of developing a solution with them. This goes from advising them on the best solution they could use, to providing them the necessary hardware and software, to integrating the solution into their business. Through WISeBlock, organizations only need to know what their problem is and we will find a solution and help them put it into use.

Support from a functioning platform

Our platform includes the Blockchain Identity, our Certificate Management System, and our Validation Authority Service. These three components, along with the support of other existing technologies developed under the WISeKey group, allow us to guarantee that the platform’s underlying technologies is fully functional and ready to be deployed into newer solutions.

Use cases

The range of potential Blockchain solutions is vast. Here, we display two different uses cases which use different elements from our platform for different types of solutions – secure cryptocurrency storage and supply chain solutions.

Securing cryptocurrency storage and usage

More often than not, the architecture of a wallet that holds cryptocurrencies determines how securely held and accessible they are. However, some wallets compromise on security to gain in accessibility while others compromise their accessibility to gain in security. Rarely, some are able to maximize both in a wallet. However, these solutions are sold at unaffordable prices for end users. For this reason, WISeCoin has developed wallet solutions that maximizes both accessibility and security at an affordable price. We have developed tailored wallet solutions that maximizes accessibility and security in the virtual and physical space. Our hardware secure module (HSM), which is where we store private keys, is designed to protect any stored data from physical and virtual breaches. Then, we use our VaultIC secure element chips, which uses NFC technology, as an access point to the HSM to allow on-the-go accessibility.

Empowering every actor in a supply chain

Improving the traceability and efficiency of supply chains one of the known applications of Blockchain technology. However, improving a supply chain does not intrinsically require the use of Blockchain. While it is one of the options we offer, we also offer more cost effective alternatives simply using our VaultIC chips and our digital identities. Nonetheless, our solutions are always tailored to the needs of individual organizations. By giving commercial goods a digital identity through our VaultIC secure element chips, they can be recognized and managed through our PKI services. Thus, goods can be made traceable, allowing people to gain insight on where goods were produced, where they currently are, their net cost of production, and other desired types of information about the goods. For organizations, our solutions can help make the supply chain more efficient. For end users, our solution can provide transparency on the supply chain, giving them the peace of mind that an organization is following ethical and legal standards of production.

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