Our background

The Blockchain Identity, as its name implies, stores digital identities which are all respectively linked to their digital certificate through a network shared by its participants.

Our background

Security has always been an important component to people’s lifestyles. Today, in our tech-enabled world, cybersecurity has become paramount. However, the world is now facing a new technological frontier that has yet to be secured. Thus, WISeCoin AG was created to secure the usage of emerging technologies. WISeCoin’s underlying technologies are backed by 19 years of development and experience through WISeKey, WISeKey Semiconductors, WISeKey QuoVadis, and the OISTE foundation.

Under WISeKey, we benefit from 19 years of experience gained in the field of digital identities. WISeKey Semiconductors provides us with the necessary hardware for our solutions. Through WISeKey QuoVadis, we have gained extensive experience in the field of digital certificates. From the OISTE foundation, we benefit from their Cryptographic Root of Trust.

To fulfill our purpose, we focus on two areas:

  • With the advent of the Internet of Things, a whole new society of connected objects is being created. As objects and devices interact more and more to provide a service, whether it is to transact, exchange data or simply communicate, people’s trust in the technology depends on its security. Thus, securing the Internet of Things is one of the two areas on which we focus on.
  • The second facet of WISeCoin AG’s focus is in enabling the people’s usage of emerging technologies by helping organisations improve both their efficiency and their customer experience through tailored secure blockchain solutions relating to cryptocurrencies, ICOs, e-wallets and any blockchain related technology.

Contact details

Address: World Trade Center II
Rte de Pré-Bois, 29
P.O. Box 853
1215 Geneva 15
Email: sales@wisekey.com
Phone number: +41 22 594 3000

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