“WiseCoin was established to secure the Blockchain and the Internet of Things (IoT) world, which is increasing in complexity and becoming more prone to cyber threats.”

Laying the security foundation for IoT

The Internet of Things, deemed as one of the main pillars of the 4th industrial revolution, is set to have objects connected to each other through the internet with the purpose of improving our lives. The Internet of Things will revolutionize several areas touching our daily lives such as wearables, smart homes, vehicles, healthcare, energy and much more.

At WISeCoin, we believe that the possibilities to improve people’s lives through IoT are endless. However, most IoT devices available in today’s current market are far from being secure, also making the possibilities for cyberattacks virtually endless. Thus, to encourage the adoption of the Internet of Things in people’s daily lives, we are dedicated to securing the Internet of Things.

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Innovation through Blockchain

In early 2018, BitCoin reached unthinkable heights before crashing, allowing Blockchain, its underlying technology, to enter the public eye. This has lead another surge of interest in Blockchain, a technology bound to create a seismic shift in how data is stored by being tamperproof and traceable.

From tackling corruption for governments, to improving efficiency and increasing transparency in supply chains for organisations, to securing cryptocurrency transactions for people, we intend to provide all kinds of blockchain related solutions tailored to our clients’ needs to enable the technology’s daily use bound to improve our lives.

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